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January 12, 2018


The other day, I watched a man, in haste and attempt to board the 7 about to depart, become caught by the closing doors, trip, and subsequently have one of his legs land in the gap between the platform and the train. Disclaimer: he lived—one guy leapt from his seat, gut-reaction in the case of emergency, to pull the man out and after some struggle, had him on and inside the train, able to get wherever he was trying to go—but I am still thinking about the despair on his face in the few seconds his leg was caught in that space, panicky tears forthcoming, how in the event that the train were to continue moving, his leg could have been severed, battered, bloody, or that he could have died simply because he had made one false step or am I just dramatizing everything? The fact that life is ephemeral and consequently, arguably valuable is common sense—a given—but there’s a lot of things that need to be explicitly said to/appear before me do I remember that they are common sense and that I should know them, like second nature. Weird how death, near-death, perceived near-death imbues life with worth. Anyway, what I mean to say is I want to cherish people! (Which hopefully includes myself somewhere in that too.) Get home (or wherever you’re heading) safely, everyone.

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